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The Tasmanian Government is committed to making information accessible to all members of the Tasmanian community, including people living with disability.

Should you come across information on this website which you are unable to access, options are available to convert it to an alternate format:

Converting PDFs to web pages

The Department of Justice is phasing in the provision of a conversion tool for documents published in PDF. The following icon will be displayed next to them: Convert PDF to HTML. When you click on this icon, you will be taken to the Adobe website, where the PDF will be converted to HTML (a normal webpage).

The Tasmanian Government is not responsible for any errors in conversion caused by the Adobe website or for the accuracy, availability or appropriateness to your purposes, of any information or services on the Adobe website. You are therefore directed to the disclaimer governing the information provided on this website.

If you come across a document which fails to convert to HTML properly, we would appreciate it if you would let us know so we can fix the document for other users. If you experience problems with the Adobe website, please contact Adobe support. The Tasmanian Government is not responsible for any errors in conversion caused by the Adobe website.

Request an alternate format by email

If you require a document in an alternate format, such as Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format (RTF), please email us and let us know which document you require.

The Tasmanian Government and disability

For more information about how the Tasmanian Government is improving access to information and services for people with disability, read the Tasmanian Government Disability Framework for Action External link. By selecting this link, you are leaving our website..

Further information

If you have any questions about accessibility and any of the Department of Justice's websites, please email webmaster@justice.tas.gov.au.