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Tasmanian Industrial Commission

Level 7, 86 Collins Street, Hobart  

Requirements for those attending the Commission

The Commission will be requiring the vaccination status of persons attending the Commission to be provided to the Commission. For those fully vaccinated (including having booster vaccinations where appropriate) no further steps need to be taken.

If you are unwilling to advise of your vaccination status, for whatever reason, or you are unvaccinated and your visit is not mandatory you will not be permitted to enter or remain on Commission premises.

Monday, 14 June 2022

No matters listed

Tuesday, 15 June 2022

Before President Barclay

10.00am - T14932 of 2022 - s29(1A) - Applicant A v Minister Administering the State Service Act 2000/Department of Health

ConferenceVia teams

Before Deputy President Ellis

2.00pm - Matter in Chambers via Teams

Wednesday, 16 June 2022

Before President Barclay

10.00am - T14939 of 2022 - s29(1) - Cox v Minister administering the State Service Act 2000/ Tasmanian Health Service

For Conference via Teams

Thursday, 17 June 2022

No matters listed

Friday, 18 June 2022

No matters listed

Details of Section 50(1)(a) and 50(1)(b) applications lodged pursuant to the State Service Act 2000 do not appear in this list.