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Parliamentary Salaries and Allowances

Inquiry into Salaries, Allowances and other Benefits for Members of the Tasmanian Parliament

The Tasmanian Industrial Commission is tasked, from time to time, with inquiring into the amount of salary to be paid to parliamentarians, and the kinds and amount of allowances and benefits to be paid to each member of parliament.

The inquiry is conducted under the Parliamentary Salaries, Superannuation and Allowances Act 2012. The Commission is currently undertaking an inquiry into these matters. This present inquiry will be the third inquiry, but the second substantive inquiry.

The 2016 Inquiry
The first inquiry by the Commission resulted in the Report into Parliamentary Salaries and Allowances including a Determination dated February 2016. That report is available at The 2016 Report (PDF, 674.5 KB)

The 2018 Inquiry
The Commission determined that the 2018 inquiry would be limited to an interim report with a view to conducting a more detailed review in the future (this present inquiry). The Interim Report was published in May 2018 and is available at The 2018 Interim Report (PDF, 90.9 KB) (PDF, 1.6 MB)(PDF, 1.6 MB)

The 2019 Inquiry
The Full Bench re-issued The Issues Paper on 19 November 2020 (PDF, 268.2 KB).


SUBMISSIONS ARE SOUGHT IN WRITING, AND NOW CLOSE ON FRIDAY, 4 December 2020. Submissions will be made public on this website, unless requested otherwise.

18 March 2019 - Mr Ivan Dean MLC (PDF, 391.4 KB)
22 March 2019 - Mr Neil White (PDF, 134.2 KB)
1 April 2019     -  Ms Tania Rattray MLC (PDF, 42.9 KB)
8 April 2019 -  Mr John Hagan (DOCX, 15.5 KB)
10 April 2019 - Mr Graeme Lindsay (PDF, 550.1 KB)
12 April 2019 - Unions Tas (PDF, 216.9 KB)

Contact details for the Secretariat are as follows:

Ms Marlene Jara

Phone: (03) 6165 6774
Email: tic@justice.tas.gov.au
Internet: www.tic.tas.gov.au

7th Floor,
86 Collins Street
Hobart, TAS 7000

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