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Where are hearings held?

The Commission deals with matters both in formal hearings and in more informal conferences depending upon the nature of the matter and the parties involved.

Hearings are held:

  • at Level 2, 144 Macquarie Street in Hobart
  • at court facilities or civic centres in other city and country locations around Tasmania
  • in work places where this is appropriate for the filing of enterprise agreements
  • by telephone conference where this is appropriate

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Who can attend?

Proceedings before the Commission on industrial matters are usually in public.

Accommodation provision is made for the public and the media.

The public and the media may be excluded on the application of any party or on the Commission's own motion although this rarely happens.

Proceedings before the Commission on state service review matters are conducted in private and the public and media are excluded.

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Do I have to appear at a hearing?

It is important that you appear at a hearing because it may damage your case if you don't.

The Commission could hear the matter in your absence and issue an order against you without you having the opportunity to give evidence.

Even if you are represented you need to be present to give instructions to the person representing you.

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You can represent yourself at the Commission

You do not have to be represented by another person when you appear before the Commission.

You can represent yourself and the Commission will allow you to bring along someone with you for support.

If you choose to represent yourself it will be easier for you if you are well prepared.

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Witnesses and documents

Generally you will not need to bring witnesses to the hearing on the first day. However, you should advise the Commission as soon as possible before the hearing date that you intend to call witnesses to assist your case.

You should bring with you three copies of any documents that you want the Commission to accept as part of your case. These will need to be formally handed to the Commission. The other party can object to a document being tendered. If the Commissioner decides to accept the document it will be given an exhibit number for future reference and to keep track of the document.

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The Commission has a policy to provide an interpreter when required for a hearing.

If you need an interpreter, you must let the Commission know well before the hearing date.

The Commission will provide an interpreter free of charge.

Or, if you prefer, you can bring along to the hearing someone with suitable language skills to assist you.

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