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Tasmanian Industrial Commission
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Who we are

The Tasmanian Industrial Commission was established by the Industrial Relations Act 1984, and began to exercise its jurisdiction on 1 January 1985.

The Tasmanian Industrial Commission also reviews applications by State Service employees in relation to selection and other actions relating to their employment under the State Service Act 2000.

Membership of the Commission

The Commission is made up of the following members:

  • President Tim Abey
  • Deputy President Nicole Wells
  • Commissioner Tim Lee
  • Commissioner Michael Roberts
  • Commissioner Nicholas Wilson

Enabling legislation

The Industrial Relations Act 1984 is an "Act to provide for the establishment of a Tasmanian Industrial Commission having a jurisdiction to hear and determine matters and things arising from, or relating to, industrial matters, including the making of awards, the conduct of hearings and the settling of disputes, to provide for the registration of employer and employee organizations, to encourage workplace bargaining and to provide for related and other matters."

In broad terms "industrial matter" may be defined as any matter pertaining to the relations of employers and employees, subject to certain exceptions.

The State Services Act 2000 was enacted in November 2000 following a review of the Tasmanian State Service Act 1984 (TSSA). The intention of the State Services Act 2000 is to provide a professional State Service that is equitable, flexible, forward looking and accountable, while providing the best possible services to the Government and the community.

The Act, which is supplemented and supported by regulations and employment directions and agency-based standing orders, includes a number of innovative features. Key amongst these is the entitlement for State Service employees to make application to the Tasmanian Industrial Commission (TIC) for the review of a State Service action.