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Industrial Relations Act 1984
s.23 application for award or variation of award

State Public Services Federation Tasmania
(T4958 of 1994)


See end of decision for Awards varied



22 March 1994

Award variations - Public Sector Awards - Parties and Persons Bound clauses - Name change from Tasmanian Public Service Association to State Public Services Federation Tasmania


This application by the State Public Services Federation Tasmania sought to vary the Parties and Persons Bound clauses of all industrial awards of the Tasmanian Industrial Commission to which the State Public Services Federation Tasmania is a party. The variation sought to remove the words, wherever appearing "Tasmanian Public Service Association" and to replace them with the words "State Public Services Federation Tasmania".

Mr Smyth, appearing for the State Public Services Federation Tasmania, explained that the variation was designed to reflect the name change of his organisation. He said that the decision to alter names was a recommendation from the then Tasmanian Public Service Association Executive which was endorsed by Council. It was passed on to the Registrar of the Commission and the Registrar subsequently indicated that the name change had been effected on the Certificate of Registration. A copy of the certificate was presented as an exhibit, together with a list of awards for which variation was sought.

In the circumstances, as indicated to Mr Smyth, the awards will be varied as requested, effective from today's date. The orders will be issued by the Commission members who have responsibility for the awards nominated.


F.D. Westwood

Mr C. Smyth for the State Public Services Federation Tasmania

Date and place of hearing:
March 21

Awards Varied:
Clerical Employees
Community and Health Services (Public Sector)
Dental Employees
General Conditions of Service
General Officers
Governor of Tasmania Staff
Hobart Regional Water Board Staff
Inland Fisheries Commission Staff
Legal Practitioners & Apprentices-At-Law
Medical Practitioners (Public Sector)
North West Regional Water Authority Employees
Officers of the State Fire Commission
Parliamentary Staff
Police Departmental Employees & Road Safety Officers
Port Arthur Authority
Prison Officers
Sea Fisheries
Southern Regional Cemetery Trust
Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery Employees
Technical Employees
Tourism Tasmania Staff