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Industrial Relations Act 1984
s23 application for award or variation of award

The Minister administering the State Service Act 2000
(T13986 of 2012)

President Tim Abey
HOBART, 23 November 2012

Award variation – new family violence provision in Personal Leave clause – consent matter – o/d 19/11/12


[1] On 9 November 2012 the Minister administering the State Service Act 2000 lodged an application pursuant to s23 of the Industrial Relations Act 1984 to vary the following awards.

• Polytechnic and Skills Institute Teaching Staff Award
• Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority Award
• Tasmanian Ambulance Service Award
• Nurses (Tasmanian Public Sector) Award 2005

[2] A hearing was convened for 10.30am on Monday 19 November 2012 to deal with the application.  At the request of the Australian Nursing Federation, Tasmanian Branch (ANF) the Nurses (Tasmanian Public Sector) Award 2005 did not proceed on that day.

[3] The application was heard on 23 November 2012.  Mr P Baker appeared for MASSA.  Ms L Grosser appeared for ANF and Mr J Eddington for the Health Services Union of Australia, Tasmania No. 1 Branch (HSU1).

[4] With the consent of the parties I now vary the Nurses (Tasmanian Public Sector) Award 2005 to reflect personal leave entitlements for victims of family violence consistent with the other State Sector Awards.

[5] Mr Eddington and Ms Grosser consented to the application.

[6] I am satisfied that the application is consistent with the public interest requirements of the Act.

[7] The application is granted operative from 19 November 2012.

[8] The order reflecting this decision is attached.

Tim Abey

Mr P Baker for MASSA
Ms L Grosser for ANF
Mr J Eddington for HSU1

Date and place of hearing:
November 23