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T13917 T13938


Industrial Relations Act 1984
s35 application for increase in Tas manian minimum wage

Tasmanian Trades and Labor Council
(T13938 of 2012)

s23 applications for award or variation of award

Minister administering the State Service Act 2000
(T13917 of 2012)


President P L Leary
Deputy President T Abey
Commissioner B Deegan
HOBART, 31 July 2012

Wage Rates - Tasmanian Minimum Wage rate determined at $606.00pw - s.47AB – work related allowances increased by 2.9% - supported wage varied - operative date ffpp 1 August 2012


[1 The above applications lodged by Minister administering the State Service Act (MASSA) (25 June 2012) (and the Tasmanian Trades and Labor Council (TTLC) (23 July 2012) are in essentially the same terms. The applications seek to:

  • Vary the Tasmanian Minimum Wage specified by in section 47AB of the Act by an increase of 2.9% to become $606.00 per week, and to increase the minimum Wage contained in awards by the same level.
  • Vary work related allowances by 2.9%.
  • Increase the minimum wage payable for persons engaged under the supported wage system for persons with disabilities to $76.00 per week.

[2 In its Annual Wage review 2011-12 [1] decision Fair Work Australia said:

“The outcome of the Review in relation to modern award minimum wages is that from the first pay period on or after 1 July 2012 minimum weekly wages are increased by 2.9 per cent, with commensurate increases in hourly rates on the basis of a 38 hour week. The increase applies to minimum wages for junior employees, employees to whom training arrangements apply and employees with a disability, and to piece work rates through the operation of methods applying to the calculation of those wages. Wages in the NTWS will be adjusted by 2.9 per cent.”

[3 In our decision in the application to vary the Tasmanian Minimum Wage in 2010 [2] we said:

“We agree with the position adopted by the parties that there are good reasons why the Tasmanian Minimum Wage should now be aligned with that determined by FWA…”

[4 A similar position was adopted in our 2011 decision [3] and in light of the consent of the parties; it is consistent with the public interest that we follow the same course on this occasion.

[5 Accordingly pursuant to s.47AB of the Act we determine that the Tasmanian Minimum Wage for an adult in full-time employment will be $606.00 per week effective from 1 August 2012.

[6 Pursuant to s.23 of the Act awards containing a Minimum Wage clause will be varied to reflect this decision.

[7 Awards containing a Supported Wage clause will be varied to reflect the new supported wage of $76.00 per week.

[8 The applications to increase work related allowances by 2.9% are consistent with the established practice of this Commission. The applications are granted and the awards will be varied accordingly.

[9 All variations referred to in this decision will be effective from first full pay period to commence on or after 1 August 2012.

[10 The Commission will issue orders in due course to give effect to this decision.

P L Leary


Orders Issued

AWU (Tasmanian State Sector)
Custodial Officers
Governor of Tasmania Staff
Health and Human Services (Tasmanian State Service)
Legal Practitioners
Medical Practitioners (Public Sector)
Miscellaneous Workers (Public Sector)
Nurses (Tasmanian Public Sector) Award 2005
Parliamentary Staff
Police Departmental Employees
Polytechnic and Skills Institute Teaching Staff
Port Arthur Authority
Tasmanian Ambulance Service
Tasmanian Fire Fighting Industry Employees
Tasmanian State Service
Teaching Service (Tasmanian Public Sector)

[1] C2012/1
[2] T13680 of 2010]
[3] T13781 of 2011